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Financial accounting software solutions efficiently maintain electronic medical billing records production details prepare general ledger report

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  Solution Industries

Pharmaceutical Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies

Efficiently manage and maintain the electronic medical records related to Drug stocks, Medical billing, Supplier information, Client details, Voucher entries, Purchase/Sale drugs records, and other related data.

Telecom Industry
Telecom Industry

Reduces complexity of telecom industry records by maintaining computerized Telecom records including Customer records, Client billing and quick management of various accounting details of the telecom industry.

Retail Industry
Retail Industry

Easily handles all the retailers’ business account including, inventory detail, customer list report, payment details, production records, Purchase/Sale reports and other financial details reducing manual work.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Effectively handles all your real states financial data by managing all the accounting records, Ledger reports, Tax type reports, Voucher entries, Bill records, Client records and other similar financial information.

Shipping and Postal services
Shipping and Postal services

Financial accounting software provides efficient solution for all the shipping and postal financial records including Production details, Stock/Inventory reports, Voucher entries, Taxation details, and accurately prepares the general ledgers.

IT Services
IT Services

Financial accounting software tool plays a major role in IT services maintaining the entire sector financial information including Stock details, Production repots, Billing records, Old and New Customer details and many more.



Software Products
Purchase Order Organizer Purchase Order Organizer
Financial Accounting Software (Standard Edition) Financial Accounting Software (Standard Edition)
Financial Accounting Software with Barcode Support (Enterprise Edition) Financial Accounting Software with Barcode Support (Enterprise Edition)
Employee Planner Software Employee Planner Software
Employee Tour and Training Management Software Employee Tour and Training Management Software

  Barcode Software
° Barcode Maker - Professional Edition
° Barcode Maker - Standard Edition
° Barcode Maker - Mac
° Barcode Maker for Healthcare Industry
° Barcode Maker for Industrial, Manufacturing and Warehousing Industry
° Barcode Maker for Packaging, Supply & Distribution Industry
° Barcode Maker for Post Office and Bank
° Barcode Maker for Publishers and Library
° Barcode Maker for Inventory Control and Retail Business
  Card Designing Software
° Card and Label Designing Software
° Birthday Cards Designing Software
° Greeting Card Maker Software
° Business Card Maker Software
° ID Card Design Software


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