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Employee Planner SoftwareJust $49
Employee Planner Software

Employee Planner Software is powerful tool to streamline the time-consuming and complex task of employee scheduling/planning in your Company. Software with generous feature set allows to easily managing employee day-to-day shift schedule, trips, vacations, leaves along with complete payroll details. Easy-to-use software can adjust into any business frame and helps to reduce overall management costs, save time and efforts to run your company smoothly.

Employee planner software schedule activities based on evaluation of the tasks, activities and responsibilities required to be performed to achieve your business goals. The software is flexible to schedule or reschedule activities as per specific need when business grows. All the essential features are available for simplified and easy to use employee planner software.

Useful for corporate and government organization software offer complete solution to manage the following task:

  • Maintains multiple Company records.
  • Maintains employee incoming-outgoing timing records.
  • Maintains employee attendance records.
  • Maintains staff shift records.
  • Maintains employee leave records.
  • Maintains tour and training details of staff.
  • Maintains employee payroll details.
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Enter the company details then click on “Browse Logo” button to add logo of your company. Click on “Next” button for next step.

Birthday Card Design New Label Format Screenshots

Fill “Employee Details” with employee salary increment and decrement details accordingly then click on “Save” button to save the record.

Software General Features :

  • Software easily creates and maintains multiple company employee records and payroll details at one place.
  • Password protected feature secure any illegal data access.
  • Allow users to generate payroll payslip of employee with advance print option.
  • Generate various reports including Company reports, Employee reports with flexible print settings.
  • Software generates Tour and Training Pass of employee going for official tours/training.
  • Data Connectivity feature to connect selected company database records to view and edit its information.
  • Backup facility in case of accidental files deletion incidents.
  • Simple, secure and easy to use employee planner program.

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