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Business Card Maker SoftwareJust $49
Business Card Maker Software

Design and print professional business cards

Now you have software that can design variety of business card required in few simple steps. Business Card Maker Software does the job for you to design and print professional business cards.

Now no need to get Business cards designed from external source, make use of great featured card maker software and prepare high quality business cards in few simple steps.

Make use of advance designing tools

Shape the design to your card as required with use of variety of image designing tools including Line, Ellipse, Pencil, Rectangle, Picture, Text, Barcode and other image designing objects.

Salient features of Business card maker software :

  • Produce variety of business cards for specific business needs.
  • No special guidance required to design customized business cards.
  • Design high quality business cards in variety of shape and size.
  • Save designed business cards at specific locution.
  • Option to print designed business card.
  • Option to create folded business cards.
Business Card Maker Software Select Templates Screenshots

In Start From Templates, Select Template Category and Card Type, Standard Size, Card Size then Use Detail For Templates.

Business Card Software Card Properties Screenshots

Set various card properties such as choose card shape, enter card name and size, border style, color and width etc.

Business Card Software Picture Properties Screenshots

In Picture Properties tab General setting and Select Picture then click ok button.

Business Card Maker Software Barcode Properties Screenshots

In Barcode Properties, Enter Barcode value, Encoding Font, width and Height etc.

Business Card Make Properties Print Setting Screenshots

To print your designed cards, set print settings and click on Print Preview button.

Select image from library and message from message templates when designing business cards

Software provides facility to use images and various messages available with the software during Business card creation.

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