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Barcode Maker for Inventory Control and Retail BusinessJust $49
Barcode Maker for Inventory Control and Retail Business

Company provides barcode software for Inventory Control and Retail Business to craft and design barcode images in ever popular linear and 2d barcode fonts. Perfect to use barcode maker program with use of barcode designing view prepare best quality barcode labels in few mouse clicks.

No need to get special training or use extra efforts, just install the software and generate barcode labels by your own in perfect way. Make use of barcode software and simply your daily inventory and retail business activities in perfect manner.

Requirement of barcode technology for Inventory control and retail business

  • Manage overall inventory and retail products with complete accuracy.
  • Minimize the error while managing Inventory and retail business records.
  • Track selected information from group of records in simplified way.

Software Features :

  • Design inventory control and retail business barcode labels in simplest way.
  • Support all major Linear and 2D barcode fonts.
  • Design colorful barcode images with use of advance color options.
  • Generate printable and scanned barcode images.
  • Generate barcode list using various list creation facility.
Barcode Inventory Control General Settings Screenshots

Select Linear Barcode enter barcode value, header and footer. In General Settings tab you can adjust bearer bar, narrow to wide ratio, various margins of barcode label, and character grouping etc.

Barcode Inventory Control color setting Screenshots

In Font Setting and Color Setting, Barcode Color, Barcode Header Color, Barcode Color Value,Barcode Footer Color etc.

Barcode Inventory Control Linear Barcode Screenshots

To Enable Batch Processing Select Use Created Data List.

Barcode Inventory Control Card Properties Screenshots

Set various card properties such as choose card shape, enter card name and size, border style, color and width etc.

Barcode Inventory Control Text Properties Screenshots

Select text from drawing tools and set text properties including editing, color, Source and Size and Position of text.

Barcode Inventory Control Picture Properties Screenshots

Select Picture from drawing tools set picture properties in general settings Image Processing and Select Image.

Barcode Inventory Control Print Preview Screenshots

After created barcode label set Print setting Mode then click on Print Preview Button.

Supported barcode fonts

Linear Barcode Fonts : Codabar Font, Code 128 Font, Code 128 SET A Font, Code 128 SET B Font, Code 128 SET C Font, Code 39 Font, Code39 Full ASCII Font, EAN13 Font, EAN8 Font, Industrial 2 of 5 Font, Interleaved 2 of 5 Font, LOGMARS Font, MSI Plessey Font, Telepen Font, UCC/EAN-128 Font, UPCA Font, UPCE Font.

2D Barcode Fonts : Aztec Font, Databar Font, Databar Code 128 Font, Databar Code 128 Set A Font, Databar Code 128 Set B Font, Databar Code 128 Set C Font, Databar Expanded Font, Databar Limited Font, Databar Stacked Font, Databar Stacked Omni Font, Databar Truncated Font, Databar EAN 13 Font, Databar EAN 8 Font, Databar UPCA Font, Databar UPCE Font, DataMatrix Font, MaxiCode Font, PDF417 Font, QR Code Font.

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